Guest Welcome

Guest Welcome

Weddings and Celebrations Service

If you want your guests to feel like a king and gloriously welcomed, leave this task to us. Our team at Event Chakra is highly professional and can make beautiful arrangements that will help your guests feel valued and appreciated at every moment of their stay.

Why Choose Us For Guest Welcome

Right from their visit to the moment they leave, we make their stay extra special and memorable. Fragrant garlands, snacks, cookies and drinks are just one of the ways guests can be made to feel welcome.

A Good ‘ol Heart-filled Welcome

Although your family will be meeting and greeting your guests all weekend, it is nice to have an official formal welcome for your guests. It could be a simple coffee hour where you serve coffee, tea and pastries, or it could be a happy hour with wine and soft drinks.

It could even be an official “Welcome Night” on the day that guests arrive. Whatever it is, make sure to welcome your guests in a way that acknowledges your (and your family’s) appreciation for attending.

We take the Event Planning and Executions to the Highest Level of Fineness


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