Chuda and Haldi Ceremony

Chuda And Haldi Ceremony

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Among the sweet and unforgettable memories of a Punjabi wedding, one ritual that holds a special position is the chooda ceremony. Traditionally, a set of 21 bangles in red/maroon and white/ivory is selected for this ceremony by the bride’s maternal uncle (mama) and aunt (mammy). They gift the chooda to the bride during the ceremony.

Why Choose Us For Chuda And Haldi Ceremony

On one hand where the chooda ceremony is performed just to bring the blessing of maternal uncles and aunts. In this ceremony they get set of 21 bangles dipped in milk and rose petals and help the bride wear it.

On the other hand, the haldi ceremony is performed to add a beautiful glow to the bride’s complexion making it appear radiant on the wedding day. In an Indian wedding, all the rituals that are followed hold some cultural or religious significance for the bride and groom.

The same goes for the chooda and kalire ceremony that is a part of a Punjabi wedding. These two ceremonies are specially held for the bride-to-be. Both these ceremonies are held one after the other on the morning of the wedding day, at the bride’s place.

We organize both the Chooda and haldi ceremony for our clients in India. We help them getting the most unique chooda and herbal haldi for the ceremony. We make all arrangements like customized and colour coordinated decorations for the ceremony.

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