Trousseau Packing

Trousseau packing

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Explore an extremely classy and elegant trousseau packing at Event Chakra. We pay attention to even the tiniest detail that goes into trousseau packing. Everything should be nothing less than perfect when you begin a new chapter of your life called a wedding.

Why Choose Us For Trousseau Packing

In India, where gifting and the sparkling up every single ceremony of the wedding is both culturally and fashion influenced. We assist you in packing up bride’s saris, other clothes, jewelry, makeup, clutches & footwear and guest’s gifts in the unique and personalized manner. We beautifully use the placing of flowers, ribbons, pearls and other decorative accessories in the trousseau packing.

A tasteful blessing turns out to be significantly more tasteful and remarkable in the event that it is wrapped in a similarly wonderful blessing pressing. With regards to wedding endowments, the need and longing to make blessings unmistakable and respectable turn out to be huger.

Taking into account all needs of gifting and pressing, the wedding trousseau pressing is novel and composed as per your need and spending plan. Be it 11K, 51K or more, wooden-shannel bundling or gold-plated one, we are your one-stop goal for blessing pressing solutions. Customize your endowments with blooms, dry organic products, chocolates and desserts as indicated by your decision and spending plan.

We take the Event Planning and Executions to the Highest Level of Fineness


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