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Bhangra Troupe
Go anywhere one cannot escape from the magic of dance
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International Band
Vivacious international artist and extraordinary performances
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Bride And Groom Entry
Indeed the bride and groom entry.
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Jaimala Theme
Exchanging Jaimala is the first ritual that is performed at the wedding.
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Wedding Dj
Great music can make any event come alive.
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Dance Troupe
The presence of dance troupe is becoming a talk of the town in India.
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Item Performers
Like Bollywood, item performers have created.
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Belly Dance
From Arabian nights to events in India, belly dance has certainly come a long way.
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Live Water Human Fountain
Gone are the days when a normal water fountain.
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Dhol Player
No wedding can be imagined without a dhol player.
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Tanoura Dancers
Tanoura dancers are the fusion between Egyptian dance and Sufi music.
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Live Singers For Weddings
There is no denying the fact that music can raise up
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International Acts
International acts have always been a center of attraction.
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