Mundan Ceremony

Mundan Ceremony

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As a part of promotional activities, a lot of kids clothing and toys brands are coming up with Baby shows. Having a child in one’s life is in itself a life blooming experience and when it comes to celebrate our Mundan ceremony is one auspicious ritual followed in the country in several communities. Typically a newborn’s original hair is shaved off. Since its holds great importance in Indian traditions, we bring a polite and compassionate priest to conduct the ceremony in the most correct manner.

It is a grand affair hence requires grand celebrations.

Why Choose Us For Mundan Ceremony

At Event Chakra, to sooth the new-born we design a pacifying theme along with sweet and customized music. We ensure the venue accommodates relatives comfortably and best catering is put to service making the event a memorable one. We will also insure that your gift memorable for a young child by getting him something interesting. A good gift does not always have to cost a lot of money. Sometimes, a simple item is more meaningful.

We take the Event Planning and Executions to the Highest Level of Fineness


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