Baby Shower

Baby Shower

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Our grandmothers and their grandmother have been doing baby showers as it is considered to be auspicious to the baby and the mother. It is one way of blessing the baby with long and healthy life. Since the trends are changing, baby shower has taken a modern twist.

Why Choose Us For Baby Shower

Soon enough, just about everything in your life is going to revolve around your baby.

A baby shower is a bit different from some other parties because it’s typically not something you throw for yourself. Usually a close friend, a coworker, or a relative organizes it (although some etiquette sticklers frown upon the latter, saying it may look self-serving if immediate family members host) Nowadays, baby showers are theme based, and exclusively planned. And to assist you with all the planning Event Chakra is at your service.

We suggest unique themes and invites decide on the games and activities to make it entertaining and assist in thoughtful gifts and goodie for the friends and family.

We take the Event Planning and Executions to the Highest Level of Fineness


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