Bhangra Troupe

Bhangra Troupe

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Go anywhere one cannot escape from the magic of dance and when it comes to bhangra style of dancing it breaks all limits of entertainment and everyone gets absorbed with its beats. Punjabi bhangra dancers are taking all the events to their stride.

Why Choose Us For Bhangra Troupe

Event Chakra finalizes the most talented bhangra troupe for our clients.

The beginning of traditional Bhangra is tentative. According to Indians, Bhangra is connected to the Punjabi dance ‘baaga’ which is a soldierly dance of Punjab. Bhangra dance group in Delhi have immense knowledge and skills in bhangra dancing; together as a team they can steal the limelight. They just perform in the stage and take off all the eyes by rejuvenating every soul.

We ensure the level of entertainment offered by them is worthwhile both in terms of money and time. Our bhangra troupes are so energetic that they turn up the heat and raise the standard high for any event like weddings, cultural events, award nights, fashion shows.

We take the Event Planning and Executions to the Highest Level of Fineness


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