BTL Activities & Promotions

BTL Activities & Promotions

Corporate Events Service

With gradually increasing popularity and need of BTL and promotional activities has left the companies with no option then to hire the event organizers. Organizers like us will closely study the product and will then conceptualize the plan of action to create maximum effect.

Why Choose Us For BTL Activities & Promotions

We take great pride on our extreme exposure and experience in organizing BTL activities & promotions for our clients.

At Event Chakra, our team selects the most appropriate venue, well thought entertainment & artist, Stage management, media availability and other technical support. We anticipate all possible support that might be needed leaving no room for flaws.

When launching a product or increase its visibility and give the customer an opportunity to directly interact and experience the product BTL events and promotions are highly cost effective. We have expertise and experience in designing, planning and implementing your ideas and concepts for BTL events and promotions.

We promote your product to capture the undivided attention of your target consumers. We work on your Brand positioning to create a unique identity for your brand.

We take the Event Planning and Executions to the Highest Level of Fineness


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